Why would you…?

Wandering around the web this afternoon, I seemed to trip over more links than usual that led to pages where someone was angry about something. Angry enough to vent their spleen at any and all passing eyeballs. This wasn’t just in comments sections, or on message boards either. There were entire blog posts, sometimes multiple […]

Coulda, woulda, shoulda

I wondered yesterday how Grantland would respond to the outcry over their publication of Caleb Hannan’s piece on Dr. V (not her magical putter, despite what the headline claims). ESPN offered a sort of non-apology (of the sorry people are upset, we’re looking into it type) and word filtered out that Grantland’s editor in chief […]

Words that wound

I spent a lot of the past weekend mulling over the Grantland article which was ostensibly about a new type of putter, but morphed into the character-assassination of a (now deceased) trans* woman. I don’t want to link to the article itself, because page-views can be used to justify all kinds of things, and the […]