Tank Girl & Me

I started college in 1990, which makes me officially middle-aged, but also means that I encountered a magazine called Deadline soon after it launched. Deadline was home to many awesome things (Milk & Cheese, Wired World, Hugo Tate, etc.) but one of those things grabbed my teenage heart by the left ventricle and never let […]

Lions and Lambs

AW Blog Chain March 2014. This month’s prompt: Lions and Lambs Do you have a character who is lionlike and fierce? Do you have a character who is lamblike and gentle? Put them in a scene together and see what happens! Peig and Cuss Sitting at the cheap office table, legs dangling inches above the ground […]


Yesterday, Lauren Beukes posted a link to a very interesting article at The Atlantic about writers and a tendency towards procrastination. Having worked in a team of writers, I can attest to the truth of the genus scrivenus tending to seek any possible distraction in place of putting word after word in a document. I’m […]

A guest post from Cuss

AbsoluteWrite Blog Chain February 2014 – Characters writing about Authors. I ain’t one bit happy about doin’ this. She told me I ain’t allowed to lie, and I can’t just draw a picture because the rules say it has to be words. She says they ain’t her rules, but this is her blog, right? I […]