Tank Girl & Me

I started college in 1990, which makes me officially middle-aged, but also means that I encountered a magazine called Deadline soon after it launched. Deadline was home to many awesome things (Milk & Cheese, Wired World, Hugo Tate, etc.) but one of those things grabbed my teenage heart by the left ventricle and never let […]

Coulda, woulda, shoulda

I wondered yesterday how Grantland would respond to the outcry over their publication of Caleb Hannan’s piece on Dr. V (not her magical putter, despite what the headline claims). ESPN offered a sort of non-apology (of the sorry people are upset, we’re looking into it type) and word filtered out that Grantland’s editor in chief […]

Words that wound

I spent a lot of the past weekend mulling over the Grantland article which was ostensibly about a new type of putter, but morphed into the character-assassination of a (now deceased) trans* woman. I don’t want to link to the article itself, because page-views can be used to justify all kinds of things, and the […]