Yesterday, Lauren Beukes posted a link to a very interesting article at The Atlantic about writers and a tendency towards procrastination. Having worked in a team of writers, I can attest to the truth of the genus scrivenus tending to seek any possible distraction in place of putting word after word in a document. I’m […]

A guest post from Cuss

AbsoluteWrite Blog Chain February 2014 – Characters writing about Authors. I ain’t one bit happy about doin’ this. She told me I ain’t allowed to lie, and I can’t just draw a picture because the rules say it has to be words. She says they ain’t her rules, but this is her blog, right? I […]

Why would you…?

Wandering around the web this afternoon, I seemed to trip over more links than usual that led to pages where someone was angry about something. Angry enough to vent their spleen at any and all passing eyeballs. This wasn’t just in comments sections, or on message boards either. There were entire blog posts, sometimes multiple […]