Incoming – slight hiatus

Because I lucked out and got a new job, I’ll be blogging more sporadically than usual for the next while. I haven’t been vaporized, abducted by aliens or placed in cloud storage. I’m just headed back to Galway, without my PC. I should be back posting randomness once I’ve found myself a permanent abode and […]

Shaking the dust…

Yes, I know I haven’t posted in a while (bad blogger, bad), but that’s because I’ve been playing video games actually writing for a change. I’ve hit a bit of a wall with my novel, so I’ve been futzing about with some short stuff in order to keep writing regularly. Messing about with different genres […]

Procrastiwriting Revisited

I’ve written before about what I like to call procrastiwriting, but that post was about all the things I do to avoid writing. As in, actively avoid it. I’ll readily admit to my tendency to procrastinate when I have no-one to answer to, and no deadline looming. I’ve often wondered why I didn’t think of […]

AW Blog Chain May 2014

The idea behind this month’s chain was to take a character from the post of the person above you in the chain and use them in a story (they don’t have to be the main character, and you don’t have to keep the same setting or genre, but they have to be recognizable as themselves). […]